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Software Engineer

Leeds, UK, Europe, or Remote!

Personal Profile

Passionate about IT, technology, science, and most of all - continuing to learn.

I am an experienced software engineer and full stack web developer, having worked in roles ranging from analyst programmer in enterprise level telecoms CRMs, to server side PHP development on eCommerce and video hosting sites, to fullstack Javascript developer.

A very personal project that I have worked on is the history of my grandfather's boxing career that can be found at www.theroscommongiant.com  .

Technical Skills

Javascript to ES2020, React, Jest & Enzyme, Angular 7, AngularJS 1 & 2, Karma, Protractor, Cypress

NodeJS, Koa, Express, Webpack,

SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis

AWS, RabbitMQ, WebSphereMQ, Heroku, CircleCI, Jenkins, Apache, LAMP, Nginx

PHP, Laravel, Symfony2, Composer, PHPUnit

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap


PHP Zend Framework, Codeception, Behat

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Cucumber, RSPec

Java, Maven, Scala, Scala Play framework, SBT

Work Experience

Current and previous employers

SignStix sells Android devices for digital displays in shops and businesses with a Cloud management interfacce.

This remote working role involves dealing with a complex mix of technologies from Apache, C++ and a CMS built in React, to AWS services, MySQL and APIs for thousands of IoT devices.

Many signs take advantage of IoT sensors such as cameras and RFID devices for interactive experiences, and bespoke signage solutions require flexible approaches and integration of new technologies like AI processing.

Responsible for re-architecting and rewriting the React apps used by the European Youth Portal to streamline development and library load sizes - making use of latest features such as React Suspense for lazy loading, React Context & Hooks, and Webpack code splitting.

Introduced React testing best practices via Jest & Enzyme.

European Youth Portal 

Writing APIs for Software Defined WAN devices and back office GUIs for manual remote configuration.

The tech stack includes Oracle, Loopback, Express, Angular 7, Git, & Jenkins - deploying via Dockerfiles and Rancher.

Working in an agile Kanban team using a Trello board - with 2 days a week remote working.

Working on a warehouse production application aimed at tablet use on production lines - written in React and Redux (redux sagas) and interfacing to multiple APIs.

Working in agile sprints and using GIT version control - with one day a week remote working.

Senior Developer brought in to help complete React and Angular projects in the lead up to the World Cup, working on William Hills online bet slip, a critical part of the web site.

Implementing a new API showing customers what concessions they have available to use, e.g. bet boosts & free bets.

Adding support for promotions where customers use online scratchcards that direct them to the bet slip with a bet added and a bet boost already applied.

Analysis of, and propose changes to back office API adapters for the future.

Working in the team tasked with revamping the BBC Newsround web site and moving it away from the old PHP Forge platform and toward the use of ReactJS components.

We work in a multidisciplinary team with 2 week agile sprints, using a combination of Jira and a physical board during stand-ups.

Code is written in ES6 with full unit and integration tests running via Jenkins servers connected to Git.

Code pairing was encouraged, mentoring junior starters to get them up to speed.

BBC Newsround 

Angular & PHP Developer on the NHS e-Referral System used by GPs and hospitals throughout the country, working in an agile environment of multi-disciplinary teams.

My work on the eReferral system revolves around an AngularJS application served via a Symfony PHP back end, proxying API requests to a Java Enterprise application that uses PostrgreSQL for data persistence.

A secondary project provides a mobile web application for use by patients, using Angular 1.6 and PHP Symfony.

We work in agile sprints, continuously enhancing the e-RS system as well as fixing bugs. My work also involves upgrading angular versions especially upgrading the mobile friendly patient app to angular v2.

Testing technologies range from Karma for javascript & PHPUnit for Symfony unit testing, to java based integration tests running on Jenkins servers.

Developer in HMRC's API Services team, working on Scala Play hosted websites and responsible for translating UX designs in to WCAG AA accessible pages that conform to government standards.

Further responsibilities include contributing to HMRC and Gov. UK design patterns and CSS and Javascript component libraries.

Tools employed include Slack, Jira Agile, Confluence, Github, and google hangouts for one day a week remote working.

Javascript Developer working in a fully agile environment on web apps and APIs.

Full stack javascript from NodeJS to React, including ES6, & ES7.

Other key technologies include interfacing with external APIs such as Forecast.io"s weather service, the use of MongoDB"s NoSQL database, and Reddis for key-value caching.

Test driven development using Jest & Enzyme for unit testing, and Nightwatch JS & Selenium for end to end testing

Build tools includes Github, Gulp, Webpack with hot reloading, Babel.

Continuous Integration employed using a combination of Github, Heroku, and CircleCI to ensure all branches are automatically built and pass tests.

Also experience of Ruby development, RoR, Sinatra, and Cucumber, Capybara & RSpec testing.

Projects included the development of a Universal React application template that could be used to quickly develop diagnostic flows for the help site. The Universal aspect being that the applications took advantage of React"s ability to be rendered on the server, improving SEO and Accessibility, and catering for browsers with Javascript disabled.

Sky provided a great work environment with occaisonal remote working

Lead AngularJS & PHP Developer

The main project being to develop Videocloud 's customer dashboard for video hosting and the setup and management of video text marketing campaigns. Key technology points included integrating tightly with Amazon Web Services as the hosting platform, communication with restful APIs of SMS providers, tracking of the uploading and encoding of client videos, integration and maintenance of a MySQL database.

Secondary projects included the development of an in-house video encoding server for https://www.aerialclips.com/ using PHP Laravel, and FFMPEG; And the set up of company Confluence & Jira servers for the recording & sharing of software documentation, as well as the tracking of issues.

Key development technologies included Angular JS, Laravel PHP Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Git, MySQL, Grunt, LESS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and FFMPEG video encoding, and testing with Karma for unit tests and Protractor for end to end tests.

PHP & MySQL developer at Ebuyer.com 

As well as small site changes and maintenance, projects included an internal web site for the creation and management of email marketing campaigns, tailored to a customer's browsing history while taking in to account current offers and promotions. Including the templating and creation of responsive HTML emails.

HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, MySQL5, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Bazaar version control, GIT, Vagrant & Puppet

Variety of paid and voluntary work mainly PHP based including major rebuild and customisation of a PHP ModX CMS site, and re-development of existing website designs to be responsive.

Working my way around the world with various temporary jobs as a long break.

Contracting to IBM (sic. Saudi Business Machines) to work on Saudi Telecoms AS/400 based Customer Management System

IBM AS/400 Analyst Programmer working on IBM Telecommunications software. SQL, RPG/RPGLE, CL, & IBM WebSphere MQ.

Programmer Analyst in charge of billing and discounting for Saudi Telecom responsible for maintenance and development of new features.

One key project was the development of a real time payment interface between the banks and Saudi Telecom to allow for the reconnection of barred mobiles within seconds of a customers bill being paid at the bank. Using IBM's enterpirse message queue solution, and an Oracle database for reporting and auditing.

Progressing to Business Analyst for Chieftain Business Solutions through IBM for Saudi Telecom in Riyadh.

AS/400 Database Analyst & RPG Programmer

Worked on various cable/telephony customer management systems throughout Europe, using SQL, RPG, and CL

SQL Relational Database Analysis

Migration analysis and programming for large Telecommunications companies moving to use IBM's Integrated Customer Management System (ICMS), working on site at customer premises from London & Brighton (Nynex), Gibraltar (GibTelecom), Helsinki (Telia Finland Oy), and Luxembourg


Education & Training


Professional Scrum Master I Certification

University of Bradford

MSc - Computer Science

Newcastle University

BSc - Microbiology


Driving License



Reading fiction & non-fiction, especially popular science

Keeping fit, especially walking, swimming, and gym sessions

PC game mod development in LUA (a scripting language similar to javascript)

I like to play golf when opportunity allows, and I am a big fan of Formula 1

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